Midnight-To-Three Publishing is a new, independent publisher in Houston, Texas.



About the Author

Douglas J Lane is a writer from Houston, TX. He dabbles in SF, fantasy, horror, mystery, memoir and regular ol’ fiction. You can learn more about him and his work at his website.


TWO IN LEFT FIELD - Douglas J Lane

About Us

Midnight-To-Three’s first release is also the first solo publication by Houston, TX writer Douglas J Lane. This chapbook contains two short tales rooted in the grass of the national pastime:

“The Shaman In Relief” - a fantasy tale of a professional ball club trying to reverse a decades-old curse. (Excerpt)

“Two In Left Field” - a memoir of a trip to Yankee Stadium for a playoff game in October, 1978 and the bonds forged between fathers and sons. (Excerpt)

36 pages, softcover

Released July, 2013

Our first release is OUT OF PRINT!